Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Vegetables and other things….

It's been a busy week,  but I have been slowly planting and weeding as the days have gone by.  The original potato patch that I planted a few weeks ago has really been growing well,  and while it will be some time before I can even steal a few tubers, the plants are definitely looking healthy…
 There don't seem to be any pests about… another advantage of planting these vegetables in the autumn rather than in the spring….
 … beautiful leaves.

The newer plantings are doing ok too…..
 ….  plenty of potatoes!

The pumpkin patch is expanding daily….
 … and a few small pumpkins are forming….

Some self sown onions (where a few of them had gone to seed early in the summer) are springing up.  These are not in the way,  so I'll leave them to produce "spring onions" if nothing more….

… and the recently sown beetroot are up already….
 ….  though not the carrots.  These always take longer and quite a bit more care because the seeds are so tiny and they can dry out so easily.

There are a few "odd" things happening.  This tiny bit of rain (about 10mm over the past week or two) has made the Watsonia sprout… quite early...
 … and then there is the wattle that usually doesn't flower until the winter….
 … and the quince tree has burst into flower too!
 Quince flowers are lovely, especially the buds….
 though it is out of season for these to be around now!

The blood lilies are coming up everywhere…..
 … and the honeyeaters are feasting!
 These will last for quite a while and it is fun to watch the birds fighting over the spoils.

This poor little thing didn't do so well….
 … I found him/her out on the pathway.   The incredible bright yellow feathers look so much brighter when they are really close.   It was a good opportunity to see just how the long pointy beak is shaped to reach into flowers for the nectar….
…  amazing design.

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