Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pumpkins and blood lilies.

The garden is doing well in this "Indian summer" weather.  The temperature has been quite hot (40C last Monday) though the fact that the days are shorter means that the plants are able to cope much better.  In fact the eggplants are producing another burst of flowers and plenty of fruit.
The baby carrots are beginning to get feathery leaves and in a few weeks time (when they are worth eating) I'll be able to thin the rows….
 …  there are three long rows of carrots and so I should be eating well.

The closest part of the garden is now looking healthy too.  Here are silver beet, cos lettuces, capsicum, eggplant and baby broccoli and cauliflower plants.
 With these and the healthy looking potato patch,  I should be eating well this winter.

The pumpkin patch has taken over quite an area.  The pumpkins are a motley lot,  being produced by the seeds from those that I ate last year….

 …. and that is just a few of them!

The blood lilies are beginning to get their leaves.  I took the first two pictures about 5 days ago.  Each bulb produces a single flower (actually,  some small bulbs don't flower until their second year) and only later produce two large flat leaves at the side of the flower stem….
 This was the smae day…  about five days ago….
 …. then today,  the same patch as that  second group above….
… and the leaves are growing quickly.  These will eventually be about a metre long and function extremely well as water catching devices.  More later…..  (Notice also the self-sown oak-leaf lettuce plant nearby.  I'll leave that for a late summer salad.)

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