Saturday, 19 April 2014

Still weeding….

It's been another day of pulling weeds.  After the first really good bit of rain for a while,   the garden is looking healthy…  and so are the weeds.

The beetroot is coming along nicely….
…. the peas that I planted a few weeks ago are flowering….
 …. the potato patch is amazing….
 …t he pumpkins continue to grow and seem to be producing quite a crop….
 …  some of them are strange….  I have put supports under them to guard against any soggy ground and rotting of the produce….
 … more lettuce….
… the pomegranate (after several years of stress and dormancy) has finally sent a new shoot up to the sky….
 … and the carrots are growing fast….
The vegetable garden seems to be growing fast… and so do the weeds.
After several hours of pulling up those unwanted plants,  digging enough potatoes for dinner and checking out the assortment of plants that I depend upon,  I went and sat outside to watch the birds.  The rosellas are contemplating their hole in the gum tree,  several species of pigeons are courting… it's a pity that their nests are so inconsequential that they are hard to find…  but I'm sure that nest building can't be far off.
I also saw a European goldfinch today.  Strange bird!    I couldn't believe it!  It looked the same shape as a sparrow,  and with a stubby "finch" beak… but with wierd colours…. and my trusty bird book worked it out…. a European goldfinch.

Later, as I watched the honeyeaters playing,  they ventured over to one of the plants that I have been assured that they cannot feed from… I am not sure of the real name,  though I think I have been told about it in the past…. anyway,  Australian honeyeaters are supposed to have too short beaks to make use of these tubular flowers.  Apparently,  hummingbirds are the usual pollinators.  Well,  I think that these honeyeaters must have worked it out…

They seem to be doing quite well.

As I watched the honeyeaters,  I saw some ants working hard…
 … this ant was carrying that big black thing back down the hole...
… and while it is hard to see,  this little ant was carrying a piece of red earth out of the hole,  along with a lot of other little workers…. there must be some serious construction going on under there.

This actually got me thinking…..  my food pretty much all comes from my garden these days,  and it really does make one think of the symbiotic relationship that I have with the plants, birds and animals and, in truth, all of the creatures that live here.   I know that people try to kill ants that live in their gardens,  but I can't help wondering whether they might be my allies,  partners in the scheme of things.

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