Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weeds, vegetables and cuttings

There have been a few warm days,  some rain and, while there are still a few jobs to do,  it is the time to sit and watch some of the plants grow.  While the soil is still warm and the rain is plentiful, the garden is growing fast (incuding the weeds!)
The view from the verandah is lovely…  the the vegetables are all doing well,  and I have more or less kept up with the weeding.
 The big patch of green in the middle is the remainder of the potatoes.  The yellow flowers are calendula, the purple ones are an assortment of salvias and the little clump of green in the fore-ground is parsley that has self-sown  and which I will raid for tabouli.

This morning I have been out pulling tiny weeds from the latest carrot seeds to emerge….

… the carrots are the ones with the long skinny first leaves.  The larger eliptical shaped leaves are parsley plants.  These grew here last year and have self-seeded.  I already have plenty of others, and they will out-compete the carrots,  so I am pulling those out.  The tiny round leaves are stinging nettles. I am pulling those out of this patch too,  though I don't usually mind them too much.  They never get deep roots and can be pulled at any time and they make wonderful liquid fertiliser when soaked in water and chook poo.  I will  have to thin the carrots quite a bit too,  but I'll leave that for a couple of weeks until I can see which are the healthiest looking plants.

The previously planted, weeded and thinned carrots are doing well….
…. they are slow growing,  but healthy.

Meanwhile I am picking cos lettuces….
 … so that the rows are beginning to look a bit untidy.  But there is a whole other part of gardening…  one has to pick the "fruits of one's labours" as they mature and the neat rows or pleasantly organised garden come apart bit by bit.

Other vegetables are looking healthy….  beetroot…. quite a few of these this year… several bunches in this little patch….

 ….  eggplants… and in the last few warm weeks another 10 or more have set….

 … the feijoas (pineapple guavas) are ripening.  This is truly interesting as the plant has been here for about ten years, never producing,  but after removing a buddliea from close by,  it has flowered and produced quite a few fruits this year.)

 The peas are just beginning to fill some pods.  These are the ones that need to be shelled.  The snow peas haven't come up yet.  Neither have the broad beans.

 … and the first broccoli top is beginning to form… quite a way to go yet,  but this will be the first one for the year…..

Meanwhile I have been cutting back and pruning quite a few other garden plants.  Some. I have needed to put into pots just in case we have a frost during the winter, though for the last two winters we have not.  The climate is changing, but is likely to be more chaotic too, so I'mm keeping my options open,  so to speak.   The potted pieces will stay inside until the spring and can be re-planted at that time. Those incude Vietnamese mint (or Vietnamese coriander…  or laksa plant, depending upon who one is quoting) lemon grass and marjoram.  I have moved the banana plant inside and a few other more frost tender varieties.

Some plants I have pruned and stuck into pots just to have some more specimens in the garden next year.   This pot holds three cuttings of a salvia that is native to Somalia  (I love salvias) and it appears that all of them appear to have been successful…
  I may end up with a Somali hedge somewhere next summer!

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Jan said...

Your garden is looking very healthy Jane. I too love salvias, although I don't have as many as you do.