Wednesday, 18 June 2014


So far this month,  we have had about 28mm of rain,  more than an inch, and the garden is looking healthy and happy, depsite some oddities after the very warm autumn.  I have picked the last of the eggplants and I have baba ghanouj for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, there is still plenty of food out there… the capsicums are very sweet now….
 … the silver beet is prolific and healthy….
 … the cauliflowers are beginning…..
 … while the cos lettuces are coming to an end.  These are going to stay in this patch until they go to seed… so that I'll have some more next year.

There are a few odd things though…  lavender is flowering again, probably because of the bizarrely warm autumn.
Lavender usually only flowers in spring and summer here,  so this is quite unusual.  Perhaps the climate is changing!!!

The honey eaters are delighted with the aloe flowers….
 … it is still warm enough for the bees….
 … and for those who remember the blood lilies… here are the leaves… up to a metre long….
… the garden is really enjoying the rain.

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