Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Winter is here… and so are the vegetables… potatoes, pumpkins and more.

The first few cold days of the year are here,  and a little bit of rain.  Today the sun is shining and I have been out digging potatoes.  I planted quite a patch this year, at the end of the summer and with the warmer than average,  in fact, warmest on record autumn, the potatoes have done very well.  I dug about ⅓ of the patch this morning and there were about 8kg of potatoes (17½ pounds)… so far.
 ….  I have also been looking to see what else is getting ready to pick….  the first patch of carrots is not far off….
 … and it's the same with the beetroot which gives not only the bulb at the bottom….
 … but the leafy green tops as well…

The second picking of broccoli is well on the way….
 … and cauliflowers are just beginning to form….

I am still picking ripening capsicums….
…. and quite a few more eggplants…..

The silver beet (Swiss chard) has taken over this patch of garden….
… and hte cos lettuces are going to be eaten by the time that the winter lettuce crop  takes over….

The borage is flowering….
 … and all of the self sown calendula is looking spectacular, though I seem to have lost all of the maroon coloured flowers…  all of them are yellow this year.
 "Mexican marigold" (Tagetes lucida)  is flowering too…. smelling like
… and I have finally managed to grow heliotrope here…  third time lucky… and it is looking very healthy.
… after the last few cold, rainy days, it has been good to get out into the garden again.

Just last week,  I collected the pumpkins from the patch… ten of them… all grown from the seeds of those that I had eaten last year and thrown out into a bare patch early in the summer.  They did need to be watered during the summer,  but it seems to have been worth it.
There are more than 20kg (44 pounds) altogether.

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