Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Winter herbs

As I weeded a patch of herbs today,  I was thinking of pizza.  The aroma of thyme always reminds me of pizza and it seems such a long time since I made pizza for dinner….  perhaps one night this week….

Thyme does well here in winter.  In summer it struggles….  perhaps it is the lack of water or the actual heat,  but at this time of year there is plenty….

Others that are doing very well at the moment are parsley….

 …. and coriander.

While sage is still growing, though obviousy not as "happy" with the winter weather and frosts as some other varieties.

Herbs and vegetables both come and go during the year,  but there is always something out there for dinner….

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Jan said...

My daughter made pumpkin, feta and baby spinach pizzas sprinkled with herbs for dinner last week, they were delicious.