Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Council elections

It has been some time since I was a councillor, but with council elections coming up and the community needing work, I have decided to run for election again.
My council is Light Regional Council, incorporating four wards which each have significant communities within them. I am running in Dutton Ward which incorporates my own township of Kapunda. There are issues of unpaved roadways and footpaths, community services, maintenance of assets (many of which are non-revenue producing), water, sewer and natural vegetation management, and much more, not to mention balancing the budget. That can often mean cutting back in some areas. There are decisions to be made and, having had four years with no woman representative from our ward (and a couple of others), it seems important to stand up and be counted, so to speak. In the past I have worked hard for the council at meetings, behind the scenes on committees and taking advantage of any training and educational opportunities relevant to my council involvement. I have worked hard in the past, and can do so again if and when I am elected. Meanwhile the garden needs work, vegetables need picking and the espalier "orchard" needs some more trees.


Anonymous said...

So pleased that you are standing for Council again Jane!

Sophia MacRae said...

That wasn't meant to be an anonymous comment...
- Sophia