Friday, 21 November 2014

Seed saving

As the weather gets hotter (and this year is one of the hottest on recrd yet again) many of the plants that have provided my winter meals are 'going to seed'.  This seems to imply that they are no longer of any use,  but that is far from the truth.
As vegetables and herbs form flowers and seeds,  they attract quite a crowd of beneficial insects… ladybirds and hoverflies and more.  As time goes by,  they will also produce next year's seeds.  As each variety matures,  usually by drying out ready to be dispersed,  I collect, dry sort and label them and my kitchen bench turns into a seed factory!
Here are dill, two sorts of lettuce, coriander and parsley.
Soon to join them are silver beet, kale, broad beans and some snow peas.  Seed saving season!

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