Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Still going after all this time

There's been quite a gap since my last post, but life has a way of getting in the way, just when you thought it was all going well.
Spring has been as unpredictable as other recent ones.  We have had almost no rain and a few very hot days… the warmest so far has been about 40C.   The winter vegetables have finished, and even some of the springtime ones (broad beans and artichokes) stopped producing after the very hot days.
The ladybirds are back,  though I haven't seen any white spiders yet.
 Currently I am picking plenty of herbs and leafy green vegetables, the first of the next broccoli crop, green beans and I am well supplied with potatoes, beet and carrots,  the chickens are laying regularly and I eat well.

 It is the time of the year when the cactuses are flowering in several parts of the garden and the air is well perfumed most mornings.
It is also the season for seed saving… at least for those plants that produce in winter and "go to seed" as the weather warms up,  but more of that later.

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