Sunday, 8 February 2015

Still gardening, still eating.

Posts have definitely been less frequent,  though gardening hasn't changed much at all.  This summer season has been unusually cool so far and  very dry, after a few hot days even before the summer began.  The prediction now is for hot and dry weather for some time. 

I have already covered much of the furthest end of the garden beds with pea straw, as usual in summer, so that I have a smaller area to irrigate when the weather makes this so demanding.  The closer part of the garden is planted and producing, and currently covered with shading material… in this case, old curtains.  These let some light in,  though not all and reduce ventilation and drying.

I continue to pick from my year old broccoli plants, a few leafy greens, the last of the carrots, new zucchini and plenty of summer herbs.  My garden continues to provide most of my diet.

One of the issues when posting here is photographs and what to add by way of images.  This made me think about other 'garden photographs' that I see.  Most of the pictures show rows of lush vegetable plants (or flowers) ready for harvest,  for that is when the garden looks the most productive and photogenic.  In reality,  I stagger my plantings and pick food from the garden almost daily.  This means that there is always a bedraggled and ravaged mature plant, unsightly gaps (though these are usually covered with straw in this weather)  or empty spaces where soil is being prepared with gypsum and rock dust for the next planting.  Pathways are messy and currently 'cracked claypan' style and weeds have browned off awaiting transport to the chookyard.  Flattering photographs are hard to come by.

Most mornings I water and pick.  I try to find some flower or plant that remains healthy and these are the photographs that you see here….

Food for dinner….

 Beetroot growing… should be ready during the winter...

 … basil… a daily 'leafy green' addition to my dinner….

 …… Eremophila,  the honeyeaters' food...

 … a lime tree that I have had to move.  It was looking very sick and had been reduced to about four or five leaves.  Since being moved to this new location,  it thrives….

 … curry leaves… another regular addition to my evening meal...

 … lemon verbena...
In fact,  as I look back over previous posts for the same seasons,  growth and harvesting seem similar, if varied by the variations in weather and rain.
If anything has changed in my own attention,  it is probably that I am giving much more energy to seed saving and trying a few new varieties of food plants.  And therein lies a whole other subject….