Monday, 6 April 2015


It has been very dry…  until today.  I woke this morning, at about 5am, to the sound of rain on the tin roof.  By 9am, we had had 16.5mm (I empty the gauge daily at 9 whenever there has been rain) and we have had a little more since then.  The pipe is still running  into the tank….

The weather bureau has been predicting that the next three months would be at least 'normal' rain after eight months of almost no rain… except for one patch in January when one of the Indian Ocean cyclones reached quite far south,  as they do occasionally.
I am certain that the garden is enjoying the watering...

 The bird bath is overflowing and the ripples are beautiful….

The blood lily leaves are already beginning to collect the water in the wells between their leaves...
…. even a small shower would fill these leafy containers…  even this tiny bit of rain will keep these bulbs alive for another whole year if needs be.  Meanwhile,  I'll be hoping for some more rain in the coming weeks.

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