Friday, 22 May 2015

Cold weather vegetables.

It is the time of the year when I have the last of the 'summer' crops and the newly planted 'winter ' crops  are coming along nicely.  New plantings are broad beans, brassicas, potatoes, garlic and a few leeks and onions.  There are some plants that continue to produce for a very long time though…  this clump of 'green leafy vegetables are more than a year old….
 I have been cutting these (broccoli on the left, and kale on the right) for all of that time.  I have also reduced the number of plants gradually also.  The kale is still good,  though the leaves are not as large as the original ones,  but just as tasty….
… and the broccoli is, by now, made up of smaller pieces on the right hand side of the collection (today's dinner) below….

The next broccoli is already looking good and once this is cut,  I will let the side shoots grow on as well.
After that,  the next ones are coming along nicely too.  It will soon be truly 'broccoli season'.  There are a few even smaller plants.
Once these are all producing well,  those old plants above can be fed to the chickens.

I have a few self sown lettuce seedlings as well.  They are not in neat rows,  but I'll leave them alone and  I'll plant a few extras in between.  I had some come up in a pot that happened to be nearby, and those can fill in the gaps.

The broad bean plants have germinated and are looking healthy.  That will be quite a wait, though the young leaves are edible also and once the plants are bigger,  they can go into stir-fried dinners or soups.

After a break, when the parsley was rather scrawny (in the really hot weather) it is now back to full production….
….enough for regular tabouli mixes.

I have forgotten to plant more coriander. I have some that is self sown,  but I'll need to put some seeds in a few other places.  I have a shady spot that I will plant some in order to see whether it lakes a little longer to 'go to seed' there…. in fact I have plenty of coriander seed saved from last year and so I'll try a few different 'micro-climates' to see which makes the coriander easier to grow.  I like coriander.

I have carrot seedlings that have germinated also… they are still tiny and, being slow growing, they are some way off yet.  I like carrots.

Gardening is a constant experiment.

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