Thursday, 7 May 2015

Overflowing tanks

The weather has suddenly turned quite cold, and this week we have had some rain as well.  It feels like winter.
After an unusually dry second half of last year with just over 60mm of rain for the last five months of the year,  one storm in January (the til end of a monsoon that ventured south) and almost no rain in February or March,  the prediction of a "wetter than average" quarter from April to July seems to be working out quite well.  In April, we received 62.5mm of rain and so far this month, a further 9mm so that the garden and its weeds are doing well and the tanks are full to overflowing and showers are happily as long as one would like.
I haven't added any pictures of vegetables lately,  but I am still picking the last of the summer production...
I had thought that this really was the last eggplant, but as I poked around to disconnect it from the plant,  I found FOUR more…. still smallish, but growing.  The garden still provides me with most of my food, though the fruit trees (my plan is to have espaliered trees along the fence) are still too small to produce as yet…  quite a bit more work to do there before next summer.

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