Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June, family visits, music and the first snow peas.

I have been determined to post this eventing before the end of the month… 30 June…  as othewise the whole month would have passed me by without a single update.

The weather has been cold, the rain intermittent and the garden slowly productive.

The family visits have involved music, wood chopping and tree planting…  and more of the trees later (the espalier patch.)

There have been a few 'health and welfare' issues to deal with, but then the kapunda garden was taken over by family and friends.  My kitchen is very small,  but the music was good….

There was a significant amount of wood chopped, stacked….
 …. kindling included….
 … most is stacked on the front verandah ready for the rest of the winter (there is now more than this half-built pile!
 … and a studio area prepared so that I can get back to painting and to my 'kapunda drawing' blog as well….
 …...  the first snow peas have arrived.  The garden is producing slowly now that the weather is colder,  but it survives and I have posted at least one garden photograph this month.

Tomorrow… tree planting.