Friday, 31 July 2015

Busy month, slow winter growth.

Once again,  life has taken over and a month has gone by with no time for updates from the garden.  The family visit was wonderful, wood cut and stacked, garden tidied and a few odd jobs achieved, including a water feature… but more of that later.
It is time for wattle to flower also….

There has been significant rain during the month (55mm, more than 2 inches) and that makes 287 mm so far this year (more than 11 inches.)  This is a lot less rain than we had had by this time last year, and with an el nino year expected (with the dry spring and summer that it brings)  this year may well turn out to be one of the driest in recent years.  It has also been very cold, with more frosts than usual…

 …some frost is beautiful….

In the autumn I left the last of the fennel bulbs in the ground so that I could collect the seeds.  Not only have they gone on to produce seeds,  but they have also made more bulbs as 'suckers' from the old plants….
 This shows a dried stem (broken off) with three 'new' bulbs that will probably mature in sequence, not all at the same time…  convenient.
The same plants are still producing seeds as well, or at least flowering in preparation….

The winter lettuces are producing….

though this patch is half eaten...
… though leaving the root and the bottom of the plant will allow these to continue to produce until the weather is too hot and dry for more.

Other harvest vegetables currently are potatoes, leeks, coriander, parlsey, silver beet, broccoli, cauliflower and the chickens are still laying intermittently.

 The broad beans are just beginning to flower and I am beginning to anticipate the beans and artichokes and the recipes that include them both.

Seedlings are starting for the spring.  This is the first mangel worzel sprouting and when the weather is warmer in the spring, it will be transplanted to the vegetable garden.

The colder weather has slowed the garden down (except for the winter weeds) and made working out there a little more demanding.

The espalier patch (fruit trees) is still a work in progress, two more trees to add and at least three more wires to add this year prior to pruning.  There is always more to do.

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