Sunday, 30 August 2015

End of the month! Already.

Well,  this is getting to be a little bit shocking.  The blog seems to have become a 'monthly report' in recent times. Life has been busy and, with the cold weather, the garden has been slow, and this will have to be a catch-up.
We have had more rain during August than we had during August 2014… 83mm (3.26 inches) compared with 29mm last year.
  This has been very noticeable in the vegetable garden. I have been mowing pathways to maintain access to the clothes line and food plots….

With the rain,  the native birds are displaying nesting behaviour….  the pair of parrots that have been working away at making a nest hole in one of the big trees have been at it again… for the fifth year.  The hole is still inadequate.

I will try to have a nest box made for them, for next year.

Native flowers have been lovely.  Most flower during the winter here….

Vegetables have been productive also…

I have been eating well,  especially with the particular chickens that I have at the moment.  They are the kind that lay all year around.  I am not sure that this is good for the chickens and I don't think I'd have this kind again… but after the fox raid (more than a year ago now) I had to take what I could get!

… and the next crops are beginning as well… seedlings, annual preparations and fruit trees.  There is much to do.  My espaliered trees will need some maintenance this spring.  My newest experiment is underway.

As we move closer to the sping equinox, the herbs are beginning to flower… even the rue…
September will be busy with the seedlings, planting and a short period of time that has longer day lengths, warmer soil that is still wet, and yet before the serious summer heat.  I love the hot weather myself,  though with the very hot dry months to come, the garden will need a lot of help.  An interesting climate that is changing every year.