Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Spring begins after the equinox this year.

It finally feels like spring.  While here, people begin to celebrate spring at the beginning of the month,  I always wait until the equinox.  We have passed that well and truly, and finally the garden feels like spring. The prediction for the next few days includes temperatures of 33C and 35C… perhaps we are skipping spring and going strqaight into summer!

Out along the Tarlee Road today, I found dog roses flowering… a real sign of spring, but if the weather is too hot, they won't last long….
 The flowers seem so fragile,  but beautiful while they last...
The vegetables are planted, growing and the remains of the winter crops remain.  We don't really have a 'hungry gap' here.
Currently I am picking snow peas, leeks, all kinds of leafy greens and brassicas and I am still digging potatoes.  The herbs are flowering and some of the winter herbs have gone to seed (parsley, coriander and fennel) and I am preparing for seed collection.  The chickens are laying and I have enough fire wood to cook and enough water in the tanks to make it through the summer.
It has been a hectic season (with family and friends) but thankfully life seems to be calming now.

I have been thnking very much about my good fortune in having such a lovely garden (messy, but productive) and I am beginning to understand the feeling of "belonging to the land."  For much of my life, for various reasons, I felt like a gypsy, moving for the benefit of other people.  I learned a lot, gardened in a variety of climates, but to watch a patch of soil improve and begin to support me seems such a luxury.