Friday, 9 October 2015

Strange weather, garden food.

Winter 2015 seemed to drag on.  We had cold nights and cool days through most of September.  It made a slow start to the season, but the change in weather was even more peculiar.  Suddenly we had a few days with temperatures in the high 30's (90's in fahrenheit) and it was as if the delayed spring happened suddenly and with strange results.  I have picked quite a few broad beans and there are still more to go,  but the hot days have stopped the stalks from flowering.  It may be a short brioad bean season.
I was away from home for a few days (during which the weather was hot) and came home to a spectacular display of lilac, roses and some of the later salvias…

The vegetables have found the sudden hot dry weather hard as well.  I am picking leeks, potatoes, kale, lettuce of various sorts, beetroot,  the last of the snow peas, broad beans, artichokes and a few cauliflowers and cabbages.  These last brassicas have found the hot weather hard, and are trying to bolt to seed.  Last night, I cut the heads off and made them into soup with lentils and some of the last tomato passata from last year, some herbs and an assortment of vegetables.  I didn't have any bread, so I made dumplings instead.  Not particularly elegant,  but good.
This is what happens when you make dinner from whatever you collected from the garden.  And there is enough left over for lunch today.

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Linda said...

Such a lovely post. Beautiful photos! :)