Thursday, 5 November 2015

45mm of rain and a quiet day

The garden continues to feed me and to only improve with time.  As I manage to get each garden bed 'under control' I expand my territory and gradually make more and more of my yard civilised.  My house is situated right in the middle of  a square block that is about an acre in area.  This means that there are several separate triangular patches around the house. These are easily segregated into different uses.
The vegetable garden is on the far side of the house from the gateway onto the street.  During the winters, I plant most of it with edible plants, though in the summer (with less rainfall) some of the garden beds are just covered with pea straw to preserve the living organisms in the soil when the water requirements would be too much to maintain the whole area.   With that in mind,  the summer garden is more or less planted in the patch that is easily covered by shading material, some crops are finished and the beds almost ready for covering and a few things have gone to seed for me to save for next year.
The weather bureau forcast rain for this week, and so I bough pea straw though I didn;t spread it.  I was waiting for the rain to soak in and then to cover it, keeping the extra moisture blanketed by the mulch.
The rain turned out to be more of a storm than I had expected.  In Gawler, earlier in the day,  the clouds looked ominous…
… and by the time I got back to Kapunda, the rain had begun. The local shop was awash and they were warning us that the electronic payment machines weren't working… we would have to pay with cash only.
It rained very hard for a couple of hours and then gently through the night.  In the morning,  the gauge showed 45mm(!), the heaviest one day of rain for many years.  There was significant damage to properties around the town and my leaky roof left puddles all around the house.  There was no communication by telephone, fixed or mobile, or via the internet either for about 20 hours or so… quite a shock to those of us that are used to making use of these gadgets as the mood or necessity takes us.
However, the tanks are full, the pond is overflowing and the garden has benefitted from the deluge.
There is not much to be done out there today…  it is a good day for sitting inside, reading.

"The Solitary Summer"  by  Elizabeth von Armin
I have read several other books by the same author.  She is an interesting woman herself.  She was born in Australia, but became Countess von Arnim-Schlagenthin when she married a prussian count and later Countess Russell when she married the elder brother of Bertrand Russell and it was much more complicated than that!  
I have read "Elizabeth and her German Garden",  "Vera", "The Pastor's Wife" and "The Enchanted April" and I have enjoyed them all… different moods, but all written in her easy, almost conversational, style.
I have enjoyed her writing and so I plan to read about the solitary summer during this 'solitary summer' of my own.  This book is written as a brief diary-style account of the months of May to September and so I will need to think of the months from November to March instead… those being the equivalent months in my part of the world.
I wouldn't have started it today but for the rain that makes the garden a little bit too soggy to work on just yet.