Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Reading spot for a hot dry summer.

As I had commented in a previous post,  it has been a hot dry summer because of the influence of the el Nino that is spectacular, causing not only drought here,  but storms and flooding on the west coast of North America.  Even when such events are predictable (and some of them are becoming more and more so) they are hard to live with.  As I had already mentioned,  I have reduced my food production this summer because of the heat and lack of water.

It was just as well,  as I am also back to part time employment (I need to pay off some debts) and I'm not sure that I would have had the time to care for any fragile plants.

The time that I do spend at home is therefore focussed very differently,  but not wasted.  I have been enjoying the trees and outdoor 'living areas' more this year.  All of these areas are in parts that are not usually 'front and centre' on this blog.

The trees are lovely....
At the end of the pathway in front of the house is a lovely spot that can be quite a bit cooler than some places, even during the hottest days....

I have moved an old garden seat down to the end of the pathway....
... and it has turned out to be a good spot to sit and read in the cooler part of the day.
So my summer of less than favourable growing opportunities has not been wasted.  The treasures collected by my grandaughter during her last visit remain on the end of the table.  They don't interfere with my cups of tea.

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