Saturday, 30 April 2016

Time flies

This month has been rather a repeat of the last.  There has been little rain, warm dry days and the summer is supposed to be over.  As the days shorten, it is necessary to plant the next season's food plants before the soil is chilled,  but hopefully there will be some rain.
Meanwhile I try to buy those things that I am unable to grow from suppliers as close to home as possible.

My coffee comes from  Hightrees  and they are on Facebook.
It is not quite local,  but as local as I can get and the coffee is wonderful, the service is good and my coffee arrives safely soon after I order it.

I have recently found a source for one of my other delights... dates.  I have bought Californian dates in the past,   but I much prefer the local product... from The Desert Fruit Company... and they are also on facebook.

Other than those two mail order sources,  my food comes from the Barossa Farmer's market, Four Leaf Mills , who I have mentioned previously.... or my own backyard.

In considering this further, I don't believe that my grandmother (who lived in Burra (1877-8), then Hawker until about 1900... then on to the Kimberley and Niugini then to Norwood SA during the depression)  would ever have thought of buying food that was imported from far away.   Would she even recognise some of the brilliantly coloured boxes on the supermarket shelves as food?

When we are encouraged to live and eat as our grandmothers did, I believe that it might just be a good 'rule of thumb' and probably what we are facing in the future.  Sometimes I despair.
The chickens are laying, the garden still supplies enough for me and life is good.  (Small vegetables quiches for home and lunch breaks at work.