Friday, 27 January 2017

Summer, in pictures.

This summer has been late arriving, significantly wetter than usual and much gentler on the garden.  I planted things a little bit later than usual.... partly because of the weather and I didn't want to commit myself to too much watering,  too early, but also because I was busy with family/centrelink issues and didn't have enough hours in each day.  I am so glad that much of the garden has been takin gcare of itself.

By now,  these gentle days (only a few over 40C so far... nothing near 50C) my patch of vegetables seems to be going very well.  There has even been enough rain to maintain the potatoes so that they are still producing and so far, they are not looking as though they will die off any time soon.
We have had several severe storms and I have needed help to deal with the damage to trees....
red gums and pepper trees (below.)

It has been a good time to save some seeds too....  broad beans, onions and lettuce and a few more besides...

Meanwhile,  the summer crops are growing well and it is a joy to go out each morning to discover what new flower, fruit or just amazing plants are there....
 Zucchini flowers are lovely and, with potatoes, they make absolutely beautiful soup.
 The male corn flowers appear first, and then the female flowers (below)
 ... and it looks as though the corn will be plentiful this year.  A gentle summer season is lovely.

 The cucumber plants are growing up through the corn stalks.... along with some beanstalks (below)  as well.

I am always amazed at the skill of these plants to be able to make use of what ever support is available.  These beans are climbing up a bamboo stick that I put there for the purpose when I realised where some of these plants were going.
Gardening is an adventure, the food is good and my grocery bill is much reduced these days.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Zucchinis and cucumbers in 2017

After the cool and unusually wet spring,  we had a very hot Christmas Day, and now with January here,  the heat is really on.  Growing food in winter can be relatively easy... I just plant the appropriate seedlings or seeds and they grow, sometimes slowly,  but with little effort on my part.  This is not so in summer.
The current heat wave, with temperatures above 40C is very hard on some of the smaller plants. This year I waited to see how things were going and then, planted quite a few things late... I resorted to buying seedlings from the nursery for some plants.  And that has been an adventure in itself.  One of the punnets that I bought had, supposedly six zucchini plants, each in their own little cell.  I soaked them in some dilute seasol (to give them the best chance to thrive) and then dug some gypsum into the soil and transplanted the little plants.   this was before Christmas,  and as the little plants got going,  some of them showed signs of powdery mildew (there was some rain during that couple of weeks.)
Anyway,  two of the plants looked quite free of the mildew.... noticeably different.  By now,  they are really quite different, and have turned out to be cucumber plants... so my punnet of zucchini plants had 4 of the expected variety, and 2 cucumber plants....
.... and four zucchini plants...
... in fact all of the plants seem healthy and I will have a few less zucchini and a few extra cucumbers.  2017 should be a good year.