Friday, 28 July 2017


It is an unusual winter....  and the internet is helping me to see just how different it is this year.  My old blog posts are a part of this,  though facebook (with its good and bad) has been showing me pictures of  "this day" in some past year.  It makes comparisons with other years in the garden effortless.

June was very dry and so my planting, along with many local farmers, was late.  We have had more rain during July...  more than 50mm so far,  and so the winter vegetables are coming along and the weeds are germinating rapidly.  The difference in seasons is shown effectively by these "flashbacks" in my social media feeds.

I still refer back to my "old" posts for information sometimes, and feel as though repeating information isn't very useful.  This was made obvious to me this week when someone, elsewhere, referred to the "phosphate issue" and the fact that we are "flushing it all out to sea".  It is true,  and I am reminded me of my old post....
Perhaps I can diverge into thoughts about life, the universe and everything.

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