Thursday, 7 December 2017

Change in direction? Not really.

The blog has sat,  unattended, for some months.  Since July!  Even that surprised me when I actually checked back with it.  I hadn't forgotten it.  I had even referred to it when I had been "discussing" some issues on facebook or in the real world.  I have thought about beginning a new series altogether.  The garden continues to thrive, and it is even more productive that I had ever imagined.  I have a few ideas about why, and how this has come about, and mostly it means that "instant fixes" just don't work.  It all takes time and patience and remembering to take care of the soil. But I have said all that before.
Winter flowers - wattle.

In the past I have ventured, very briefly, into areas of philosophy, books, recipes, and life.  All of this seems to be related.  The garden, the cooking and the ideas that go with it are unavoidably connected.  Where one bit ends and the next begins is hard to pick.... it's all a work in progress.  But then it didn't really start only when I moved here,  to Kapunda.  I had been trying to live simply, despite living as an "academic gypsy" for many years.  And there are many stories there too....

Kitchen bench - winter.

These days I am able to grow most of my own food, and when once it was a novelty to provide all of the ingredients for dinner,  it happens regularly now.  I have reduced the amount of some plantings, and increased others as I work out just how much I need to have,  and how much surplus is too much to deal with.  I continue to learn.  I am becoming more "self sufficient".

Broad beans - early spring.

The other issue that I deal with is preparation of food in appropriate quantities.  In the past,  with a large family, I was able to prepare huge quantities of food at short notice, including a few significant occasions when I was sorely tested by important guests or teenage "invasions".   The opposite problem,  cooking for one, can be just as challenging.  I am learning.

Salvia somaliensis - a favourite.

Now that spring is here,  almost the summer solstice, it is time to change direction though continue to tread lightly on the earth.

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